Thursday, August 06, 2009

Selling Social Media Within Nonprofits

As you look to make the pitch for social media within your nonprofit, a few threads arise:

1. There is value for social media, if the organization is ready for it. Get the house in order. Start with the basics. Go one integrated step at a time. Know what you want to get out of the endeavor, tie the "sell" to the outcome.

2. Social media can't be ignored. It needs, however, to be used effectively and communications experts may be just the ticket to achieving positive returns on any investment. Use it to connect with your target donors, go where they are, not necessarily where you think you want to be.

3. You can lead the way and target new channels, if you have a clear and consistent message you are prepared to support with the investment of time, talent and/or treasure to get it out there in a timely manner.

Above all, remember that social media requires strategy in order to be effective and it must be integrated into your larger organizational objectives as a potentially powerful distribution channel.
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