Thursday, July 30, 2009

Calling All Mission-Driven Organizations: Send Questions

When giving a presentation or making a pitch, I'm at my best when responding to questions. It lends focus and allows for the audience to make a better judgement call about whether or not the information might help them move forward. Those on the receiving end have often heard me say that I can talk for hours on the topic at hand, but without their questions, it might all just be interesting talk rather than helpful insights they can leverage when they walk out the door. So, here's the thing... What are your questions related to:
  • organizational development
  • mission-driven leadership
  • nonprofit structure & governance
  • strategic planning
  • communications
  • ideology & identity
  • brand building
  • fundraising & development
  • nonprofit collaboration
  • stakeholder engagement
  • capacity building
Post them here as a comment, send them to, tweet them to @melanieschmidt ... Together, we can advance greater clarity in how to enhance mission-driven organizations and help the people connected to them engage more effectively.
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