Monday, August 17, 2009

Use a Bridge To Make Your Point

Our actions are a bridge between intentions and impressions. A 'bridge formula' to answering questions should be part of your strategy when you're representing your organization. It works well in a media interview, as part of a panel discussion or during a meeting. Even when you think you're in an impossible situation or you are talking about a sensitive issue ... follow the formula:
  • listen to the question
  • answer the question
  • give a bridge
  • state your message
It allows you to answer a question directly and still emphasize what you wanted to say. Bridge phrases include: "however," "but/and," "what I do know," "what I can tell you," "our primary focus," etc. So, the next time someone asks you a question, give the formula a try. Just remember to answer the question and make sure your message is somehow related to the question!
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