Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Strategists Must Be Grounded

The problem with a strategist not grounded by some aspect of implementation is that they reinvent good ideas time and again without recognizing the micro-steps of progress being made or the energy required to advance the new way of thinking. And, for whatever reason, they tend to re-engage at the moment when those deep in implementation are overwhelmed.

So, for those strategists who go from idea to idea, think about that which you do and the impact of your next new idea ... and, for people working them strategists, don't accept the folly -- you have the right to put the brakes on that new initiative and/or question its priority in light of the other initiatives intended to be implemented!
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Simple Tools for Stronger Teams

Don't run from simple tools or simple models when working to build a team. The danger is not in the use of simple models, it is in the simplistic interpretation of the resulting insights. Simple models in the hands of strong facilitators and insightful translators can be profound and powerful. They can cut through the "consultant speak" accusations and get people thinking in a fresh way. They can surprise doubters with the richness of the results and win over worriers with their ease. In times of trouble, when people feel conflicted, complexity only gives rise to doubt and skepticism. Give stressed-out people well-designed simplicity and give them the space and freedom to break barriers, bond with colleagues and explore new frontiers. They become powerful allies in whatever you seek to accomplish.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Race From Accountability

Why is it that people work so hard to avoid being accountable? If you become accountable for something, you get the opportunity to celebrate its achievement. When you step up and offer a solution, you get to savor the moment of possibility. The point at which you say, "I will," you gain stature. Sure, there's the risk ... the possibility of failure. Yet, without that turning point toward commitment, you languish.
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