Friday, November 17, 2006

To the Point

"If you want to change hearts and minds, it takes more than ads, more than donations and more than a this-ban-might-not-be-such-a-great-idea approach. You have to have passion and clarity." -- Frank Bures, "Why Fair Wisconsin Lost" Isthmus, Nov. 17, 2006, p. 10

Yet another reinforcement for the power of clear & consistent communication that connects with the target audience. We, at Timpano Group, couldn't agree more with Mr. Bures --- after all, he's advancing what we live and share with our clients.
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Let's Keep the Horses Before the Cart

Too often organizations focus so much on the cart [the product, service, capital campaign or launch date] that they get it ahead of the horses [the people involved]. Organizations forget that the critical element to advancing that cart is motivating the horse.

Dangle the right carrot: a clear message that connects. Provide a sense of purpose. Be consistent in the direction. Take the time to connect the horses to the cart properly and enjoy the surge of power that takes the cart from Point A to Destination Z.
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Friday, November 10, 2006

What's with clip art?

Why is it that people feel compelled to use stock clip art in PowerPoint presentations? Is it a need to feel clever, that somehow the silhouetted man looking through the spyglass toward a star speaks of strong vision and achievement... is it a hope that it will divert people from the content of the presentation or from the speaker as they marvel at how that clip of art supports the story... How is it that clip art thrown on the page reinforces the brand, I simply don't understand.
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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A challenge to Millennials

I issue a challenge to those in the Millennial Generation (born 1977-2002). I issue a challenge to the generation that "has high expectations for itself and its employers, seeking highly engaged managers to help them grow and develop their professional skills" (, 10/26/06).

My challenge is simple: take responsibility for your quest. Recognize that the "older generations" just might expect you to earn a few stripes along the way, to actively participate in your development, and to prove that you are worth the investment. Perhaps it is harsh. Perhaps it is unfair. But, in my opinion, it offers an opportunity for those individuals who embrace it to serve themselves, their colleagues, their companies and their causes more effectively. Plus, they just might pave the way for getting those growth moments when it matters the most to them.
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Monday, November 06, 2006

Get Out

Vote on Tuesday. Read up on the issues and cast an educated vote to shape your future.
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