Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Getting Innovation Right

I still remember the disappointment that dampened the elation felt when we put the finishing touches on our latest model: disruptive innovation. A wonderfully creative and compelling creative kit accompanied the concept as a lure for prospective clients. Then, we saw the Harvard Business Review article that rolled out the academic theory for the world to peruse. It was a blow. One more time when well-funded theory would overshadow scrappy practical application. Now, a new twist. Seems that the theory is under some criticism, ala Jill Lepore in The New Yorker. Lepore cites the negativism of the academic theory. It tickles me to consider the flip side we've continued to model, only now through a different label. Our disruptive innovative is focused on the future and built from a foundation of clarity, curiosity, commitment, and communication -- all wrapped in a collaborative spirit. Yep, we got the theory of innovation right.
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