Friday, August 28, 2009

A 5-Step Communication Formula

There are models for nearly everything these days, and communication is no exception. Since where there is one model, there are usually others, use them as a reminder of good practice. This five-step model builds on people's need for empathy and repetition, and it can be used to develop a presentation for a group or a response to a question.
  1. Empathy. Demonstrate that you are listening and that you care about other people's input.
  2. Conclusion. State your premise, the short message you want the audience to remember when they leave.
  3. Responsible Actions. Provide supporting details to show how your conclusion is justified and true.
  4. Restated Conclusion. Tell them what you told them (your premise) so they'll remember it when they leave.
  5. Future Actions. Share the hopes or plans for the future to emphasize your long-term interest.
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