Monday, July 27, 2009

Avoid These Strategic Planning Missteps

Following are three easy-to-avoid missteps in strategic planning ...

1. Thinking strategic planning is a one-retreat sort of solution. Rather, strategic planning is a *process* from vision to strategy to planning through reality checks to implementation. Successful strategic planning integrates a way of thinking and a model of engagement into the organization's culture.

2. Not taking ownership for the planning, the process or the outcomes, instead connecting it (intentionally or otherwise) to the consultant. Outside perspective is vital when facilitating and crafting a framework for progress, yet it's long-term usability and success hinges on internal commitment to moving it forward.

3. Limiting the engagement to a small few. Greater success can be yours when your open some or all of the process to a larger majority of those affected by or influencing the ability to make progress.

Thanks to Roger Phelps for sparking this post.
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