Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Engagement as a Brand Indicator

Depending on how you present yourself, respond to others and adapt to changing circumstances, it would seem quite likely that an organization's brand is based in its engagement model --- insomuch as that model reflects the core ideology and impression the organization intends to reinforce among stakeholders.

Effective brands deliver a consistency in tone, message, presentation and action across mediums and interactions. They are borne from engagement and they connect on a sensory level, providing an idea of what to expect. They have an intention about them that is clear, consistent and understood. Extraordinary brands take it to the next level. Reflecting the organization's ideology, they inform the actions taken by not only the organization but also those who become its stakeholders & advocates. Plus, they adapt to changing conditions while remaining recognizable within contemporary standards ... all the while making the necessary connections among what people sense, what people experience and what people share.

Thanks to Mark Herbert for sparking this post.
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