Thursday, March 12, 2009

Engagement Might Create Brand Ambassadors

Brands are built by organizations and shaped by their stakeholders. They live in the shifting circles between control and influence, and my bias is that organizations typically maintain majority control over their brands -- even though adapting it can be like trying to turn a freightliner in a channel {possible, but only under the right circumstances}. Yet those who believe in the need have an opportunity. They can be proactive, they can explore possibilities, they can be clear about their intentions and they can engage people.

You can bring those internal stakeholders right into the process from the beginning. You can engage some of your external constituents at key moments to let them know how much you value their input and perspective on what you’re trying to do. Bring them in, engage them, get them committed to some ideas and they could become some of your most powerful brand ambassadors.
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