Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Build Brands by Building Bridges

When traveling through corporate America, the one department that never seems to be at a loss for people willing or eager to provide critiques is … marketing. Everyone seems to become an expert pretty quickly. There is a certain comfort level people have about sharing ideas related to marketing. They’re quick to comment about how that headline just doesn’t work for them or that pricing structure is out of whack, yet hesitant to question the revised schematic on filtration systems shuffling through their own department. It’s an interesting dilemma for most marketers. A point of frustration for some. A field of opportunity for others.

These are definitely the days for proactive, responsible marketers. For the kind of professionals who take responsibility and work to move things forward. The kind of savvy person who adds another “P” to the marketing mix by leveraging psychology. A leader who understands that building bridges inside and outside of the organization means building a stronger brand that generates better returns. Happy engaging!
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