Saturday, December 06, 2008

Talking With Type

Typography is a language that speaks through the words it creates. The nuance of the letterform holds meaning and creates an impression that can make or break your intention (and your brand). Just as you carefully choose your words, spend time and thought on your font.

For the most part keep it simple. Identify an appropriate serif and sans serif font to serve as the foundation for your organizational typographic go-tos. Consider whether Times, though convenient and readily available, really does convey the emotion you want to project for your organization. Think about readability by your target audience and scalability; you want your brand fonts to be as legible and beautiful at 6 points as at 7 feet tall.

Take care, too, in their usage. Exercise restraint when bolding, underlining, italicizing and capping. Each treatment sends a message, and too many messages diminishes your positive impact.

Rules are made to be broken, yes. But only with good reason. So, since talking with type can take a lifetime to master, tread cautiously and build a basic knowledge to improve the credibility and validity of your organization's communications.
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