Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Integrate Your Events

A well-integrated event doesn't always require a department or a team of full-time event planners. It does, however, require attention to planning and to details.

Start with a clear purpose for the event, know whom you want to impress (and why), get commitment to the objectives and communicate it consistently with everyone involved in making it a success (before, during and after). Make a plan of action months before the big day and find the thread that is going to bind all of the components together.

Hone a message (words and visuals) that reflects your planning. Connect your invitation with your program with the name tags and the signage. Tie in the welcome remarks and closing send-off. Theme your menu with your music with your thank you after the fact.

These basics can help you create a simple, yet strong slate against which your attendees can craft the next chapter in your story.
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