Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A challenge to Millennials

I issue a challenge to those in the Millennial Generation (born 1977-2002). I issue a challenge to the generation that "has high expectations for itself and its employers, seeking highly engaged managers to help them grow and develop their professional skills" (businessweek.com, 10/26/06).

My challenge is simple: take responsibility for your quest. Recognize that the "older generations" just might expect you to earn a few stripes along the way, to actively participate in your development, and to prove that you are worth the investment. Perhaps it is harsh. Perhaps it is unfair. But, in my opinion, it offers an opportunity for those individuals who embrace it to serve themselves, their colleagues, their companies and their causes more effectively. Plus, they just might pave the way for getting those growth moments when it matters the most to them.
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