Monday, November 14, 2011

Genuine Actions Reinforce Good Intentions

A lot of workers right now are unhappy. Surrounded by negativity, they seek support that motivates them to survive another day. Recent research by Mercer reinforces long-held attitudes of employees: 28%-56% of them are seriously considering leaving their jobs. Regardless of today's stats, management cannot afford to take things lightly ever. People are vitally important to the success of organizations. So, be straight up. Give them the respect they deserve as fellow human beings just trying to make a livable life.

Consultant Ray Williams makes some good connections in his post, "Good leaders are careful to not demotivate employees." Referencing Collins' new book is solid. My take-away: use genuine actions to reinforce good intentions. Without good intentions, don't bother with your actions. You run the risk of demotivating your people further and forcing an exodus that might have been avoidable. Be real. Know the true future of the organization. And, don't invite input you have no intention of using.
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