Thursday, November 17, 2011

Follow Your Yellow Brick Road

Sometimes, the best workplace lessons are found in the pages of literature. Consider The Wizard of Oz. A panoply of organizational lessons are to be found amidst the plot, the setting, the characters and the journey. Don't work so hard to unveil the man behind the curtain, rather help him (or her) discover the responsibilities they can embrace and the positive power they can compound by working in the better interests of those around them. Find your way around the schemers and the doubters; don't allow them to drive away the talents of those truly seeking collaborative success. Don't forget, too, to celebrate the value of affirmation and positive reinforcement and recognize the value of connectors who can bring together the talents of others in order to realize greater gains. And, always remember that you have with you what it takes to stay true to your path so that you can return home having made the workplace better for all.
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