Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Strategic Planning or Plain Planning?

Strategic planning is something special. It engages people. It introduces different ways of thinking. It relies upon the exchange of ideas and information. Planning, on the other hand, is routine. It works within confines and focuses on the process. It is just plain planning.

For your next planning pursuit, be clear on whether the intention is for it to be strategic and introduce new thinking or plainly practical to move something forward. Both deliver value, they are just designed for different purposes. So know your purpose and label accordingly.

Generally speaking, consider the following distinctions ...

If it's strategic, the expectation is for new information, the space allows for creative thinking and the method fosters dialogue and communication among people.

If it's plain, the expectation is for sequencing, the space shapes defined progress from here to there and the method drives to charts and timelines.
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