Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Manager's Duty

A manager's primary duty is to help his/her employees succeed. Positioning them for success. Providing them with appropriate resources to complete assignments and tasks. Prioritizing work to promote quality completion and to help avoid burn-out. Asking questions to ensure clarity. Pushing them to build skills and expand their thinking. And, sometimes, counseling them out of their position to something that is a better fit.

Some managers become focused on their ascention and they lose sight of the need to help their people succeed as part of that process. Some forget what it takes to actually do the tasks involved and forget that their role is to prioritize not add-on. Some just keep doing what they were doing before they became a manager and are unable to realize the human relationships for which they are now responsible.

And, some excel. Find those people in your organization and appreciate them. Find them in others and learn from them. All in all, observe and learn ... they may be doing the same of you.
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