Monday, November 09, 2009

Help People Become Engaged by Engaging Them

People often wonder how to help staff become more engaged in their jobs ... I suggest reframing the proposition. Less about how to help them become more engaged and more about creating the means to engage employees in conversations about how their positions connect to the purpose of the organization and the organization's intentions in providing service to its customers. Ask them what it means to be engaged (or passionate) and then listen to what they have to say, implementing the ideas that work within the corporate culture. Perhaps asking them to identify challenging moments they've faced or could face and framing a group problem-solving session for how it could be resolved, redirected, etc. Map out ways that victories at their level link to the bottom-line and help the company achieve its financial targets or the organization advance its intended impact. A key consideration is celebrating moments that reflect what you want to see because positive reinforcement and celebratory recognition are crucial.
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