Monday, September 21, 2009

Workshop Announced: Engaging Your Board

Engaging Your Board will be held Thursday, October 15. I'll be leading the workshop from 9-11AM at Goodman Community Center in Madison, Wisconsin.

A non-profit Board can be among its most powerful assets -- when used correctly. Too often, Boards end up listening to committee reports and focusing on typos in the minutes, rather than providing the oversight and insight needed for the organization to remain viable amidst changing conditions. To address this problem, your board members need to know and understand the importance of their responsibilities, and you can help with concrete tools and techniques to convert even things like fundraising into rewarding tasks.

Topics will include:
* Why Board members engage and why Board members fade
* Intentions versus actions: understanding the value of alignment
* Re-focusing related to fundraising
* Steps for energizing your board

Cost: $40. You can pay at the door or via invoice. Substitutions are allowed; no-shows will be billed. Download a flyer or register via e-mail.
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