Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Re-Consider Your Mission

At the core of an effective organization is a clear mission statement. An understood collection of words that drives the organization's intentions, actions and impressions. A shared intention that informs decision-making processes, which can yield greater acceptance even without full agreement.
Yet, the mission doesn't come alive until it is embodied by the people who commit themselves to moving it forward. Achieving that commitment becomes easier when the mission statement uses current language and reflects contemporary circumstances, all while being true to the heritage and traditions from which it sprung.

So, if you haven’t examined your mission statement in the last three years, or since you’ve engaged that new slate of Board members or staff members, make some time in the next 21 days. Approach it with an open mind and the understanding that some words or phrases just may need to change in order to make it more meaningful for those committed to moving it forward.
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