Friday, June 12, 2009

Engage People to Seize Opportunity

Finding a way beyond business is usual is possible. Seizing opportunities is something you can do. Because it doesn’t have to be complicated or resource-intensive. It simply has to be clear and it has to be an understood need. Making it happen becomes even more likely when you reach out and engage other people involved with or affected by the matter at hand.

When you involve people in a process and engage them with the questioning, they become more involved. Their involvement leads to understanding. That understanding leads to commitment. And, when that commitment is garnered swiftly, then the communication, the actions required thereafter – they can become the focus.

Give it a try. Think about something that will move your organization forward. Identify some key players who would be involved with making it happen. Discern some of the questions that need to be answered or concepts that need to be explored in order to move from idea to action. Find a way to bring their minds together (call a meeting, send an e-mail, use a survey, pick up the phone, whatever works for your timeline and within your resources). Engage them. Excite them. Push them. Pull out the insights.

Then, convert it into some actionable solutions on which the key players might focus for a few weeks. Report progress and discover ways to build on that momentum while adapting to changing circumstances. Don't be overwhelmed by the possibilities, be focused on an opportunity!
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