Wednesday, May 06, 2009

One Voice, Many Tones

Clarity and consistency are critical for effective brand building. That does not, however, mean that everything has to be the same. For instance, organizations with a focused brand framework can still appeal to multiple, divergent audiences. Think of it as creating one voice for the organization, a voice that is consistent in its intention, yet a voice that can adapt to the needs of different stakeholders or the different circumstances within which it finds itself. Consider how you may speak in different tones when sharing information before a large gathering of strangers versus around the conference table with your co-workers. You may seek to leave a slightly different impression. Yet, the impression you want to leave needs to be consistent so that people believe their is some authenticy to what you are representing. So, when you think about framing your brand, think about your organization's identity, consider your target audiences and dig deeply to uncover what impression you want to leave. Narrow it down to two, possibly three, and use them as brand channels for shaping your actions and your communications.
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