Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Nonprofit Lessons from a Political Playbook

Whatever your persuasion or perspective, the analysis captured in The 'Obama Way' by Howard Fineman is worth a read. He lays it out as "a veritable play book for political success." Yet there are lessons to be learned for nonprofits as well amidst this disciplined approach. The threads of simplicity, decisiveness, consistency and brand may benefit nonprofit leaders greatly.

A David Plouffe quote to remember: "It's better to have one strategy and stick to it than to try ten in pursuit of the perfect answer. The point is that there is no perfect answer."

A branding insight to remember related to symbolism: "... the entire Obama family wore matching outfits, representing a unified familial front by smiling and rocking out with Bruce Springsteen to 'The Rising.'"
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