Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good Managers Focus

Good advice from Harvard Business Review:

Just 10% of managers really move their organizations forward: They zero in on strategic goals and see them to completion; They fuel breakthrough innovations in products, services, and processes; And they tackle heavy workloads under tight time constraints.
What about the remaining 90%? Short on self-awareness, they don't ask themselves the hard questions required to examine--and improve--their leadership skills. Overcommitted, they succumb to the temptation to concentrate on short-term tasks when pressure mounts. Blurring their focus even further, many accumulate "monkeys" on their backs by taking on subordinates' problems.
How to ensure you're in the 10%--not the 90%? Regularly take stock of your effectiveness as a leader, rather than waiting for others to give you feedback. Rivet your attention on efforts that support your organization's long-term objectives. And throw off time-hungry monkeys. The payoff? You redirect your energy to where it exerts the biggest impact: your company's strategic priorities.
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