Friday, April 18, 2008

Honing In on Out There Marketing

"Out there" marketing works only when it connects "in here" for the audience -- and for the organization. It connects to the head, it connects to the heart, it connects within the audience and compels them to action. Preferably, the intended action. Campaigns that work break through the clutter with simplicity, clarity and creativity. They grab the right kind of attention so that the audience remembers the intent and thinks about it, talks about it or takes action on it. Effective campaigns stimulate intrigue and encourage participation as the audience takes the next step.

As you're preparing your next campaign or communication, start within. What do you need to see? What do you want to have happen? What new technique, technology or tactic might move you beyond business as usual? Get curious. Then, picture your audience. Think about the world from their perspective and their pressures. Get creative. And, before you sign off on final approval or hit "send," ask yourself if your new "out there" creative is going to bring *in* your audience.
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