Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sounds of Success

The first thing people notice when they walk into our office are the orange and yellow walls. Eventually, they notice something else: the music. Sometimes it erupts in that they finally comment on the range of styles they've heard in the span of a few minutes; sometimes it's a sidenote about its mere presence; other times it is simply the supportive energy during a creative silence. We didn't invent the idea; we simply benefit from it.

A recent article cites a study that shows music in the workplace "releases a listener's endorphins, reduces stress and improves creativity." Furthermore, behavioral scientists also suggest listening to music in the workplace boosts employee relations. The article points out that music is a universal tool of nearly every background and generation, and it offers a great way of making connections.
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1 comment:

Noemi said...

Thanks. I'm passing this on to my supervisor who is afraid that playing music in the workplace will alienate our clientele and distract us from our tasks.You've potentially saved me from a deafening silence.

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