Thursday, January 02, 2014

Names Matter

Don't be fooled. What you call your business says a lot about a lot of things. So when you consider starting your own business, consider your intentions in  naming it.
  • Do you want your name in the name? Do you not want your name in the name?
  • Does the name need to be something that you can build with and into (i.e., will your business always be just do, do you see a small team, is a large employee population in your future). 
  • What are some of those things in your life that will shape you approach your work? 
  • Do you need it to be descriptive, reflective or evocative?
  • What characteristics do you want to reflect with your name?

Even answering these straight-forward questions can generate the insight needed to spark your company name. Then, as you consider your ideas, filter them by the story you'd share when people ask why you chose that as your business name.
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