Thursday, April 14, 2011

The discipline of transformation

Organizational transformation is tough stuff for most people. It takes a discipline that has become more and more scarce (perhaps reflecting how discipline in its more traditional forms has been fading in our Western society). Leaders must take a hard look inside themselves to be clear on how capable they are to lead the charge, maintain momentum and continually reframe progress as positive and possible. They must consider what attracts them about the culture and what they are willing to adapt when the cultural norms begin to exert their powerful influence for status quo.

For once the transformation process begins, they must focus and be disciplined in both their communications and in their actions. People are watching -- often often waiting to circle the wagons with business as usual. The leader who remains focused on the end game, reinforces aligned actions and corrects out-of-step behaviors makes it possible for people to believe in the possibilities of the new way. It also helps preserve those good things about the corporate culture that brought the good people there in the first place.
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