Monday, October 19, 2009

Workshop Announced: Better Board Meetings

Better Board Meetings will be held Thursday, November 12. I'll be leading the workshop from 9-11AM at Goodman Community Center in Madison, Wisconsin.

Board meetings are intended to be productive in moving the organization forward. Too often, staff members end up spending days preparing for meetings that are less than effective in achieving those ends. Workshop attendees will walk away with tools to change the structure of Board meetings, making them more efficient and engaging.

Topics will include:
  • use of a consent agenda,
  • four no-fuss ways to improve your next meeting and
  • four questions to ask for making your Board meetings better over the long haul.

Cost: $40. You can pay at the door or via invoice. Substitutions are allowed; no-shows will be billed. Download a flyer or register online via e-mail.
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