Wednesday, October 15, 2008

They Keep Saying Bigger Isn't Better ...

Yet why do so many organizations focus on nothing more than asking for things to be bigger? Bigger logo. Bigger type. Bigger photos. While definitely a trend in Web design, it affects all mediums. If you're working with amateurs, perhaps those things are the crux of the matter. Yet, if you're working with qualified professionals, they bring expertise, a sense of proportion and the intent to do good work.

Do clients default to asking for 'things' to be bigger because what they really want is a bigger idea or a clearer message ... perhaps. But, if they can't ask for it then there is something broken in the relationship. Address it before the people, the organizations and the brand get hurt. And, if you want that type bigger, or the logo blown up, ask for it in the context of a conversation so that the best possible solution can emerge -- which might even be a bigger logo.
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