Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Who doesn't aim for 'engaged' consumers?

Theresa Howard had a byline in today's USA TODAY for a story claiming that "much of the ad industry has been converted to the belief that engagment--adspeak for getting consumers to spend time with brand messages-- is what gets results from advertising."

Who are these people in the industry that have just been converted?! Engagement has been the name of the game for decades. Getting someone's attention was really never enough to close the deal consistently. If you didn't connect with the consumer, they certainly weren't going to stick around very long.

But it was reassuring for those of us without tickets to Cannes to know that we've been doing it right the whole time-- do good creative work, get people talking positively and find ways to connect your sales message throughout everything you do.

Big budgets seem to yield bigger press. Our hats are off to everyone, everywhere doing great creative that connect consumers with a clear message consistently.
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